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Pathfinder Vehicle Systems

  • Pathfinder

    Affordable fleet solutions that help you cut costs and improve customer service levels

  • Go paperless

    Go paperless with Allonmobile from Pathfinder

  • Webfleet vehicle tracking from Pathfinder

    Electronic job dispatch with intelligent vehicle routing and destination ETA from Pathfinder

  • Fully integrated fleet tracking with real-time vehicle location, truck navigation, tachograph information and All On Mobile job dispatch

Real-time electronic solutions for your mobile workers

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

A real-time GPS vehicle tracking system allows you to locate your vehicle, track its route, measure fuel used, mileage driven and start/stop locations.

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Job Routing & Driver Navigation

Send jobs and messages from your office straight to the driver's satellite navigation screen and monitor each driver estimated time of arrival in real-time.

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HGV solution with Tachograph Information

Manage driving-time compliance efficiently with real-time Tachograph information, remote data download and analysis including remaining driving time and infringement alerts.

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Customer Testimonials

BM Tankering Ltd - "With the use AllOnMobile, we have a paperless system for our drivers. Electronic driver time sheets, daily vehicle checks and job messaging rather than voice calls cuts down traffic through our office. A service we would now not be able to do without. Well Done Alan Gower at Pathfinder"

Danwood Ltd supplier of office printing equipment - "7% increase in daily productivity, average saving of 10% in MPG in first 6 months, ROI achieved in less than 6 months"

Isis Rescue & Repair Centre - “The efficiency gains resulting from the implementation of these systems and improved processes from Pathfinder cannot be overstated”

ISG technology - "Not only are we able to download data at the touch of a button, the information is far more comprehensive than previous systems and much easier to use, we have saved 12 hours of admin time per month”

Krispy Kreme delivers fresh doughnuts daily, operates 46 stores and has a presence in over 400 cabinets with retail partners including Tesco - "We are now able to deliver a world class service consistently where product is on-time every day, an improvement in delivery targets of 20%"